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Only the best equipment

3D сканер Leica ScanStation C10

3D Scanner Leica ScanStation C10

For producing scanning at medium ranges, we have a pulse 3D scanner Leica ScanStation C10. Measuring range up to 300 meters and 270x360 degrees field of view. The dual-axis compensator provides high accuracy. The scanner operates at a temperature from 0 to + 40 ° C. The Leica SS C10 scanner has a digital camera that allows you to get colorized in real colors scans. 2 lithium-ion batteries, allowing hot swap mode.

Лазерный сканер Faro Focus LS 3D

Laser Scanner Faro Focus LS 3D

For working at short range we have phase 3D Scanner Faro Focus LS 3D. Measuring range up to 120 meters, 305x360 degrees field of view. Faro Focus 3D - the lightest and most compact laser scanner in the world (weight 5 kg). Scan speed - up to 976 thousand points per second. The scanner is equipped with a color camera 70 megapixels, allowing you to present "point cloud" in real colors. One lithium-ion battery lasts up to 5 hours. Operating temperature range from + 5 ° to + 40 ° C.

Лазерный сканер Leica HDS8800

Laser Scanner Leica HDS8800

For working at long range, we use pulse 3D Scanner Leica HDS8800. Measuring range up to 2000 meters. The dual-axis tilt compensator. Field-of-view of this scanner 80 ° vertically and 360 ° horizontally. The scanner has a digital camera that allows you to get scans in photo-realistic colors. Leica HDS8800 laser scanner is the most protected of all scanners - it works at temperatures from -40 ° to + 50 ° C, in the rain, snow or scorching sun.

Тахеометр Leica TCR802 Power

Total Station Leica TCR802 Power

An easy and reliable total station, plus a proven technologies Leica. Built-in software and a wide range applied programs greatly simplify and speed up work in the field. Measuring range up to 3500 meters (with reflector). Accuracy of angular measurements - 2 ", linear - 2mm + 2ppm. TS has dual-axis compensator with a range of ± 4 '. The working temperature range of -20 ° C to + 50 ° C

Тахеометр Nikon Nivo 2m

Total Station Nikon Nivo 2m

Compact, lightweight and easy to use total station Nikon Nivo 2M successfully operates in the toughest conditions, even in low-light conditions. The dual-axis compensator. Reflectorless mode up to 500 meters; with reflector - up to 3000 meters. Accuracy of angular measurements - 2 ", linear - 3mm + 2ppm. Operating temperature range from -20 ° to + 50 ° C.

Нивелир Leica Sprinter 150M

Leica Sprinter 150M Electronic Level

Electronic level Leica Sprinter 150M quickly and accurately determine the elevations. We work with bar code battens that allows to exclude operators error, and to increase resulting accuracy. MSE - 1.5 mm for 1 km double-run. The measuring range 2-100 m. Compensator ± 10 '. Operating temperature range from -10 ° C to + 50 ° C

Панорамная головка Manfrotto 303SPH

Spherical Panoramic Head Manfrotto 303SPH

For producing photopanoramas and photofixation we are using the most famous Spherical panoramic head in the world - Manfrotto 303SPH. Reliable, proven construction ensures rotation of the camera around nodal point without deviations, and therefore guarantees high quality results without parallax.

Nikon D90 Pentax K5

Nikon D90 и Pentax K5 Cameras

For the production of photofixation and photo panoramas we using professional SLR cameras, combined with high-quality optics - a wide-angle lenses, and «fish-eye».


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