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Our principles of cooperation

If you need to get laser scanning data, 3D model or other geodetic engineering done on your site, we will do it for you!

  • Make an order.By calling the number +7 495 649 2240 or via ordering form and outline what assignment you need to be done. In order to compose preliminary work plan we need information about your site: location, plans, drawings and photos available, and also description of the desired result. We will contact you should we need clarification of details.
  • Planning and estimating.The preliminary plan is needed to determine the scope of work, specialists and equipment requirements to fulfill your project. Therefore the most detailed information about your site is important. The cost of work depends on working hours planned, equipment depreciation, production and travel expenses. Estimation is based on company's standards set up by the long-term experience.
  • Offer.Once we get acquainted with data and after estimating the expenses, we contact you to inform of anticipated workload, time of performance, total charge and final result. If it is necessary we can adjust and accommodate these important transaction details as we prefer to discuss and negotiate with our customers.
  • Agreement and advance payment.Following the results of negotiation we prepare a statement of work, schedule, execution and payment procedure, and then we draft and conclude an agreement. As a rule, advance payment should be provided before we start to work on site. The amount of advance payment is determined individually and usually makes 50% of total cost of work. «Nothing builds trust in the Customer better than advance payment!»
  • Working conditions.Generally, there are 2 work stages: field stage (on your site directly) and office stage (data handling). The field crew responds promptly upon the signing of the Agreement. Office treatment begins on your site and continues at our own office.
  • Handover of work.Upon completion of all operations under the agreement a technical report is drafted and given to the Customer along with work results. After analysis of data against the statement of work, we sign a handover-acceptance act.
  • Final payment and guarantees.Upon acceptance of work the customer makes final part of payment transfer. We are aware that complete review of huge measurement arrays is not a matter of days, therefore we provide guaranty period of 3 months usually. Should any measurement errors are surfaced during this period, we will fix them at own expense.


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